Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Fake ass films (Where's THE FRED HAMPSTON STORY?)


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    Emergency calls must be placed through 911 or 408-983-8600. Emergency personnel are responding to calls. Stay safe.
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    If you need rescued please display a white towel, sheet, shirt or anything to let volunteer rescuers know.
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    Individuals with boats are needed in Port Arthur for rescues.
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    UPDATE: Houston mayor Sylvester Turner says "Public Works teamwork avoided breakdown of water plant. City water is safe!"
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    "When escaping flood waters in your home DO NOT get trapped in your attic. Get on the roof and call 911," NWS says
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    UPDATE: City of Port Arthur urges those needing rescue to "display a white towel, sheet, shirt or anything to let volunteer rescuers know"
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    UPDATE: City of Port Arthur, Texas calling "all Individuals with boats" to help with rescues
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    is mostly underwater...morning still a bit away...
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    List of people with boats in Port Arthur please distribute!!!
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    Finally, as if by accident, the breaks down & admits the truth about where the violence is coming from
  13. Heartbreaking Need to read more about Fred Hampton. What an inspiration 🙏

I'm sure DETROIT is a great film.

I'll see it at some point.

But, honestly, what I thought when I first saw the ads, "Where's the Fred Hampton movie?"

He was murdered.

By the US government.

And it is amazing that we can get this and that boring 'realistic' film -- Spielberg's doing his own version of ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN -- but we can't get films that matter.

At the end of the 80s, Jodie Foster was going to make a film about another person targeted by our government: Actress Jean Seberg.

She never made that film.


But she didn't make the film about the actress our government set out to destroy.

And Fred Hampton still has no film.

Spielberg and all the other fake asses need to stop pretending they care about anything.

"Iraq snapshot" (THE COMMON ILLS):
Wednesday, August 30, 2017.

XINHUA reports, "Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Tuesday rejected the relocation of around 700 Islamic State (IS) militants and their families to the Syrian eastern city of Bukamal near the border with Iraq."  ALJAZEERA adds:

Haider al-Abadi, Iraq's prime minister, said on that Tuesday the deal was "unacceptable" and an "insult to the Iraqi people".
He said Iraq was battling the fighters, not sending them to Syria.

If the point was to drive the Islamic State out of Iraq, Hayder's whining that some are being bussed is rather strange.

Before the operation to 'liberate' Tal Afar began, Hayder issued his usual cry of leave now or we will kill you.  (By the way, ALJAZEERA notes, "Abadi has said Iraqi forces expected to announce victory in the city of Tal Afar within days.")

Leave or we kill you.

Now he's upset that they're leaving?

Also weighing in?

US Special Envoy Brett McGurk.

Our will help ensure that these terrorists can never enter or escape from what remains of their dwindling "caliphate." 2/2

  4 hours ago
Irreconcilable terrorists should be killed on the battlefield, not bused across to the Iraqi border without 's consent 1/2

Oh, Brett, pretty fades.

What will you do when it's gone?

How exactly, Brett, do you determine the "irreconilable" terrorists.  As opposed to, what I presume, would be the contrasting "dabbling" terrorists?

More to the point, the US government has repeatedly killed "terrorists" who turn out to be innocent civilians.  So maybe guilt is better left to a court of law, Brett?

As for the US "ensur[ing] that terrorists can never enter #Iraq"?

I think Brett might need to try selling that to the American people because right now, they're not buying.

Right now, they're damn tired of 14 years of war in the latest wave of war on Iraq.

Right now, they damn sick of the fact that a trillion has been spent on this action and the cost is still increasing.

Right now, they're confused by their own government's refusal to provide Medicare for all when the US government did that for the Iraqi people when they wrote the 2005 constitution for Iraq.

Right now, as US cities crumble and there is no money to fix roads and highways and there is no money to increase the budgets for schools or libraries.

Why is it on the US to (pretend) to protect Iraq's borders?

That should be on Iraq.

I know they can't.

The Islamic States ascendancy proved that.

But a puppet government will never have mass support from the people.

So apparently, to keep the puppet government in place, the US will have to remain in Iraq for years to come.

And that is what Brett's Tweet is really saying.

Yes, indeed, Brett's really saying something.

And the American people should know what he's committing them to.

His Tweets should be front page, top of the hour news.

I seriously doubt, however, that what passes for media in this country will take the time to inform We The People.

Back to the parenthetical on Tal Afar, NRT and REUTERS note that Hayder held a press conference on Tuesday where he announced that they would soon declare victory in Tal Afar.

However, FRANCE 24 has an interview (link is video and text) with spokesperson and cheerleader for the US-led coalition Ryan Dillon where he dubs the operation "decisive" and refers to it in past tense.

Who is right -- Hayder or head cheerleader Ryan?

Iraqi troops face fierce IS resistance near Tal Afar

Maybe Ryan should have just stuck to doing the splits?

In other news, Kirkuk's joining the KRG in the planned September 25 referendum.

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