Thursday, April 25, 2019


Emily Dennis has spent hours, if not days, watching mosquitoes buzz around her bare, outstretched arm. Carefully, she's observed the insects land, stab their mouthparts through her skin and feed.
But if her arm is slathered with DEET — shorthand for the chemical N,N-diethyl-meta-toluamide, the active ingredient in many insect repellents — mosquitoes stay away.
"DEET works better than any other insect repellent, and despite it being around since the late 1940s, we still don't really understand why," says Dennis, a neuroscientist currently at Princeton University who endured many bug bites while studying how DEET repels insects en route to her Ph.D. at Rockefeller University.
Those bug bites paid off. In a paper published Thursday in Current Biology, she and her colleagues show that Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, common transmitters of diseases such as dengue and Zika, sense DEET through their feet, not their mouthparts. According to the authors, the finding narrows the path for future research that could potentially help scientists develop more desirable alternatives to DEET — for example, repellents that don't need to be reapplied as often as DEET.

Read on, it's a very interesting report.  Mosquitos test with their feet.

By the way, did you know that today was World Malaria Day?

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I didn't know it until about 2:45 today when a friend at work told me.

"Iraq snapshot" (THE COMMON ILLS):
Thursday, April 25, 2019.  It's not the millionth candidate running for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination, it just feels that way.  Yes, after a long bump and grind, someone's finally pulling it all off and declaring he's all in: Joe Biden is running for president.

Your entire record spits in the face of democracy & decency. You rat f**ked Anita Hill, voted for the Iraq War, designed the prototype of & later voted for the Crime Bill, embraced segregation, & eviscerated consumer debt protections. I look forward to your campaign imploding.

Former US senator and former US vice president Joe Biden wasn't ready to run for the presidency in 2016 -- when he could have made a difference -- but with 19 Democrats already running for the 2020 presidential nomination, Joe announced this morning that he was just what the world needs.

Breaking: Joe Biden enters the race and is already polling higher than She’s Too Ambitious, She’s Just Not Likable, She Lacks Experience, and I’d Vote For A Woman But Not That Woman.

Joe enters today with name recognition which is a good thing early on in a race.  But it also tends to take a beating as a campaign goes along.  For DNC leadership, a fresh face is always better -- 2008, that was Barack Obama and, this go round, many in leadership think it will be Kamala Harris.  A fresh face tends to come with far less baggage.  Joe's history is not limited to support for the Iraq War or the rat f**king of Anita Hill when she came forward to speak about how now Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas harassed her repeatedly at work.

New: say they’ll oppose ’s presidential bid, at least in the primary. “While we’re going to support the Democratic nominee, we can’t let a so-called ‘centrist’ like Joe Biden divide the Democratic Party and turn it into the party of ‘No, we can’t.’”

Justice Democrats state Joe will turn the party into the party of "No, we can't" -- a play on how 2008, with Barack, was supposed to be about "Yes, we can."

Women face different obstacles as candidates.  There is, for example, a focus on their looks.  In the spirit of equality, let's hope the press asks Joe about his hair plugs.  If they have trouble with those words, they can just show a clip of Joe from the Hill-Thomas hearings and then turn to him and ask, "What's different about the hair today, Joe?  You're like a Chia pet."

Joe's a press favorite because he stumbles a lot and that makes for good copy.  But his popularity will likely go down.  It always has at times like these.  He didn't even make it to New Hampshire in 2008, remember?  He dropped out right after the Iowa caucus.

Joe's announcement this morning has been hailed for caling out racism.  What topic did he avoid?

Hello, just reposting this great piece for no reason whatsoever. "It’s insulting, though, to be told that a man whose inappropriate conduct is a relic of the past is the only hope for our future."

That Tweet links to Marisa Kabas' WASHINGTON POST column:

After former Nevada state legislator Lucy Flores went public with her storythat Joe Biden awkwardly kissed the back of her head at a 2014 event for her lieutenant governor campaign, a phalanx of pundits quickly deflected: On Sunday, #NeverTrump Republican Tom Nichols — who wrote in October that he was leaving the GOP because it’d become “the party of situational ethics and moral relativism in the name of winning at all costs” — tweeted, “Trump 2020 is coming along nicely.” Monday night on CNN, New York Times columnist Frank Bruni summed up his view that with Biden, among others, Democrats risked “tearing apart their candidates,” saying, “If this is the conversation that Democrats are going to have, we might as well give the election to Donald Trump right now.”
They’re suggesting that Democrats should breeze past a full vetting of Biden’s past conduct and that the former vice president should get an exemption from straight-ahead criticism of his behavior because he’s presumably the only one who can beat Trump in 2020. But even if that premise is true, it shouldn’t mean — and doesn’t have to mean — abandoning basic standards of interpersonal respect to clear the way for one candidate.
Flores described her encounter with Biden as “unnerving” and embarrassing. Former congressional staffer Amy Lappos said this week that at a 2009 campaign event, Biden leaned in to rub noses with her in an experience that she found “uncomfortable and not at all acceptable.” Surely, if a former vice president and potential future presidential contender made more than one woman feel this way, it’s worth sharing, right? If coming forward would help voters evaluate his qualities, if their stories might help others open up about their experiences of feeling violated in professional spaces, their stories should be told.
Not according to those who seem to have already concluded Biden is Democrats’ best, if not only, chance to make Trump a one-term president. By Tuesday, MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski was holding forth on air, saying intense scrutiny of Biden was Democrats “eating your young” and “eating those who can beat Trump.” Of the whole Biden conversation, she concluded: “He’s a nice guy. He’s not a predator, and this is ridiculous.”

For those who've forgotten or never knew, Joe destroyed his 2008 bid with comments that were seen -- even THE ECONOMIST saw them this way -- as racist.  But today, he is the warrior for race equality.  But he still avoids the issue of lack of boundaries.  Some might see that as a good thing since the last time he addressed the issue, he made a joke of it and of the women who had stepped forward to share their stories.

This morning was Joe calling out racism -- which some might see as an attempt to void his out of the gate remarks from the last time he run.  Maybe every day can be Joe attempting to respond to his many public mistakes?

He'll have to give a whole month to the issue of Iraq -- at least a whole month.

Biden voted for Bush's Iraq War, to gut welfare, to deregulate Wall Street, to ban 'partial-birth' abortion, doesn't support Net Neutrality, supports the failed drug war, silenced Anita Hill, and even wrote horrible 1994 Crime Bill

Joe Biden entering the 2020 race means Dems have to decide whether they want to get behind another centrist who spent a career cultivating close ties to the financial industry and the wealthy, voted for the Iraq War, was pro free trade and has a dubious record on civil rights.

Here's Joe Biden's pitch. I know I was wrong on integration, mass incarceration, Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas, and the Iraq War - BUT I'm from Scranton, have charm, and Obama likes me. Therefore trust me on the things I've been wrong about my whole political career. NO

Joe Biden: Opposes single-payer healthcare Opposes cannabis legalization Supports the death penalty Wrote the 1994 crime bill Voted for DOMA Voted for NAFTA Voted for Iraq War Voted for PATRIOT Act Voted to make it harder to eliminate student debt

Joe Biden voted to send my brother & thousands of other Americans to Iraq for a lie. He opposed marriage equality until it was safe & continues to oppose marijuana legalization. He’s an old pervert & I’ll have none of this nonsense. Fuck and fuck

Electing is accepting: 1) Institutional racism via Crime Bill/Anti-Marijuana 2) Sexual harassment via Allegations 3) A War Economy vía Patriot Act/Iraq 4) Profitting off sick people via 5) Death to millions w/ No 6) Job outsourcing w

Replying to 
Not only did he vote for the Iraq war, his family profited from it.

Reasons to not vote for Pro Cutting social security & Medicare Iraq war Segregation Crime bill Against M4A Repealed glass steagall Anita Hill NAFTA Student loan debts made even worse Ties to Wall Street & Insurance Pharma TPP Decades Sex harassment.

Replying to 
Start by releasing your taxes, recinding the Patriot act, the bankruptcy bill, crime bill, Iraq war, etc and whatever you do don't take corporate donations including Big oil, private prisons, big pharma, Insurance fatcats, military contractors, Walmart, Amazon, Chase etc.

Compare how Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders voted: NAFTA Biden: for Sanders: against Invasion of Iraq Biden: for Sanders: against Patriot Act Biden: for Sanders: against Defense of Marriage Act Biden: for Sanders: against Repeal of Glass-Steagall Biden: for Sanders: against

Joe Biden?  Sameness you can believe in?  What will the slogan be?  Shaun King seems to think he's figured out Joe's slogan.

Here's Joe's pitch. Listen, I know I was wrong on integration, mass incarceration, Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas, and the Iraq War - but I'm from Scranton, have folksy charm, and Obama likes me. Therefore trust me on the things I've been wrong about my whole political career.

Joe's declared.  And his supporters are insisting his has experience.  Which means he's up for questions.  There's no need to wait with Joe for the hard issues, he was vice president of the US for two terms.

So why not ask him about the report Dave  Phillips just did for THE NEW YORK TIMES:

But the account of the March 2018 meeting and myriad other details in the 439-page report paint a disturbing picture of a subculture within the SEALs that prized aggression, even when it crossed the line, and that protected wrongdoers.
According to the investigation report, the troop commander, Lt. Cmdr. Robert Breisch, said in the meeting that while the SEALs were free to report the killings, the Navy might not look kindly on rank-and-file team members making allegations against a chief. Their careers could be sidetracked, he said, and their elite status revoked; referring to the eagle-and-trident badges worn by SEALs, he said the Navy “will pull your birds.”
The enlisted aide, Master Chief Petty Officer Brian Alazzawi, warned them that the “frag radius” — the area damaged by an explosion — from a war-crime investigation of Chief Gallagher could be wide enough to take down a lot of other SEALs as well, the report said.

The war he supported has never ended.  So ask him about those 2018 incidents.

He couldn't have ever figured or guessed that the Iraq War might go wrong?

Ask him about the gang-rape and murder of Abeer back in 2006.

Anyways incase any of y'all forgot on March 12 2006 five U.S Army soldiers Paul Cortez, James Barker, Jesse Spielman, Brain Howard and Steven Green gang-raped and murdered 14 year old Abeer Qassim Hamza Al-Janabi then murdered the rest of her family in Baghdad Iraq

Exactly at what point did Joe Biden take pride in the Iraq War and what has led him to believe it is a success?

Joe Biden accepted Iraqi Pres. Talabani’s “deep appreciation and highest regards of the great American people,... U.S. and Iraq service members --warriors who became partners and friends and now brothers-in-arms--have much to be proud of.” by declaring victory in the Iraq War.

If fat ass Jalal Talabani -- now thankfully dead -- is what Joe's going to cling to, that's rather sad.  Not only did the US government have to repeatedly bribe Jalal with money -- as Joe knows -- but it's equally true that the trashy Talabani family staged photos and told lies beginning in December of 2012 to keep Talabani in power.  They lied.  He had a stroke that left him unable to move or speak.  They kept that from the Iraqi people.  Talabani never recovered and had the people known what was really happening, they would have demanded he be replaced -- as the Iraqi Constitution demanded -- because he could not do his job.  But they lied.

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