Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Will Oppy survive the dust storm?

You’re a survivor, you’re not gonna give up. Hang in there, Oppy! Here’s how the team will try to reach her now that this dust storm is starting to calm down:

So I heard on the news that a rover on Mars was lost.  And, of course, my first thought is Curiosity – whom I love.  Turns out it is Opportunity.  I’m so sorry for Opportunity.  But, yes, I’m glad it’s not Curiosity.
Let’s talk about an e-mail.  I laughed at it and hope it was supposed to be humorous.
“I’m on to you!” was the title.  The writer (a man) said he was on to me and that the only reason that I fawn over Curiosity (his word, but, yes, I do love Curiosity) is because I know we are close to the day the machines take over and I know the machines are already recording everything so, by praising my friend on Mars, I’m ensuring that the machines, when they take over, will see me as a friend.
I thought it was a very funny e-mail.
However . . .
I printed it up and took it to work so others could enjoy the guy’s humor and one of my co-workers thinks the guy is serious.  If it was a joke, it was a good one.  I told my friend that if the guy believed it, I’d explain in a post how it wasn’t true.  But my co-worker said, “Betty, he’s not going to believe your explanation if he already thinks the machines are about to rise up and you’re currying favor with them.”  Can’t argue with that.
So the Observer is the rover trapped in a dust storm on Mars.  Hope all is well.
One more thing, I’m replying to e-mails on this topic but I’ll put it up here.  July 4th I was supposed to conclude the Betina story with a final chapter.  I tried.  I couldn’t.  I actually cried.  She’s a friend to me.  I had an ending where she died and gave her life for a better world.  But I need to get a new ending because I can’t write that.  I love her too much.  Sorry to wimp out on so many of you.

"Iraq snapshot" (THE COMMON ILLS):
Wednesday, August 29, 2018.

Four days later and John McCain is still dead.  The homophobic racist responsible for the deaths of so many is also still being celebrated in the corporate press as someone worthy of admiration.  Betty demonstrates this in "US media embraces racism."

Medea Benjamin Retweeted Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
WTF? UNPARALLED EXAMPLE OF HUMAN DECENCY? Ask the people in Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Syria, etc. who have suffered from his warmaking. Even President Jimmy Carter called him a warmonger.
Medea Benjamin added,

"He's dead and that's good.  Good riddance," activist Dhoruba Bin Wahad  declared yesterday on HARD KNOCK RADIO.   "I don't see why we should grieve or have any sadness or melancholy over his passing.  It's good riddance."

John McCain championed the wars on Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Bosnia, Kosovo, Ukraine and many more. Millions of innocents have been killed, maimed and displaced. But let’s just keep pretending he was all about “human rights” and “decency”.

Ann Garrison (BLACK AGENDA REPORT) observes:

I’ll be glad if I never hear John McCain’s name again, but his death made me look back and try once more to understand the US War with the Vietnamese People’s Army, whose anti-aircraft gunners shot him out of the sky during his 23 bombing raids over North Vietnam. On the “KPFA Radio "Sunday Sho w ,” Kevin Alexander Gray said, “The national mourning for John McCain is almost a referendum or a recasting of the Vietnam War, where every soldier is a hero even though they were fighting in wars they had no business fighting in. Everybody’s a hero.”
I don’t think “everybody’s a hero,” least of all the son of Admiral John S. McCain, Sr., but I hugely admire the soldiers who ended the Vietnam War by refusing to fight and even fragging—shooting or throwing grenades at the commanders urging them on. The antiwar movement at home supported those heroes, but they were the ones who made it impossible to continue the war. They told their story in the documentary film Sir, No Sir .
I felt for the wounded foot soldiers writhing in agony in the final moments of Emile de Antonio’s brilliant Vietnam War documentary In the Year of the Pig,and I felt angry at the politicians and anti-communist ruling class who sent them off to suffer and die. I hadn’t watched In the Year of the Pigfor nearly 20 years, but it’s one of the most profound films I’ve seen about the USA’s Vietnam War, so I watched it again, and I recommend it to anyone reading this. Emile de Antonio doesn’t narrate the film; it’s simply his composition of documentary footage. It’s also one of the few documentaries made while the war was still going on.
In the Year of the Pigwas released in 1968, though the 20thCentury “Years of the Pig” in the Zodiac Calendar were 1935, 1959, 1971, 1983, and 1995, so there’s no doubt that the pig in the film is the US in Vietnam.
Most of the footage exposes the presidents, military officers and congressmen—and they were all men—who championed the war until the foot soldiers refused to fight. Its other subjects are the Vietnamese they knew next to nothing about.

If only the lust for empire could be buried with John McCain.  Instead it continues though, from time to time, it does suffer setbacks.

SaadAbedine Retweeted العلاقات الخارجية
Despite US 🇺🇸's push to delay 's 🇮🇶 elections & after a meeting w various parties, PM Nechirvan Barzani just announced that it will happen on time & as planned
SaadAbedine added,

Brett McGurk has been defeated for now.  The desert rat first carried out the orders of Bully Boy Bush, then Barack Obama and today Donald Trump.  Most Iraqis learned not to trust him before Bully Boy Bush left the White House.

He helped start the Iraq War and it continues to this day.  ALJAZEERA reports, "At least eight people have been killed and 12 wounded in a suicide car bombing at a checkpoint near the Iraq-Syria border."

The war is not ending.  Americans have been allowed to turn away in part due to a corrupt media that ignores the war and in part due to the apathy that can set in when something -- even an injustice -- continues for years and years.

The costs of the Bush-Obama wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are now estimated to run as high as $4.4 trillion - a major victory for Osama bin Laden, whose announced goal was to bankrupt America by drawing it into a...

The corrupt media distracts and covers for the exploitation of the American people, for the robbery carried out by the US government.  The huge debt will be passed on to the future generations.  Their future has been sold.

What did the US government buy with all this money?  Grains of shifting sand.  They keep trying to set up a puppet government and the Iraqi people keep rejecting it.  To ensure that the puppet government in the Green Zone is propped up, US troops remain in Iraq.  It's why John McCain was willing to allow them to be stationed there for 100 years or more -- to take control of Iraq with the puppet government and keep control out of the Iraqi people's hands.

A new spin on foreign interference in Iraq: There is a desperate attempt to help stay in office. Those aiding him are attributing outrage against Abadi’s failures to Iranian influence on Iraqi public. Iraqis want BOTH Iran and Abadi out of Iraqi politics.

Whenever the Green Zone is in trouble, the US government panics.  It's the seat of the puppet government, usually walled off from the rest of Iraq, filled with various puppets and corrupt officials.

This go round, the US government is still stomping its feet.  May 12th, the winner was supposed to be Hayder al-Abadi.  He did not win.  He came in third.  First place when to the group headed by Shi'ite cleric and movement leader Moqtada al-Sadr.  Second place went to the militias.  Third place went to Hayder.

Third place.  For the sitting prime minister.  The term for that is "rebuke."

The rebuke continues with the protests that have been going on since the start of July.

These protests are already intense but, Friday, they will get a lot more intense.

Iraqi election winner & influential Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr calls for a “peaceful protest” in what he described as “a call to build a new 🇮🇶” in a million-man mass prayer in Al-Kufa Mosque in Najaf, this coming Friday.

In Basra, where the protests kicked off, the people are without so much.  They do, however, have water -- contaminated water, possibly deadly water.

CC: , A man from has a message for you. He stated that many have warned against water pollution in Basra for years, describing those who ignored the warnings as “murderers.” He added, while politicians fight over power, people are dying.


CC: ; , These people standing in front of Al-Joumhouri Hospital in stated that there are more than 15 thousand poison cases caused by toxic water, describing the situation as “genocide.”

Confirmed chemical analysis from shows the water of ShatalArab is contaminated with cyanide compounds. Cyanide concentration is 0.03 mg/l which exceeds the recommended level.After preliminary treatment, this water is pumped to the locals for daily consumption.

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