Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Science post

Carbs? My father is a recently diagnosed diabetic. He has to watch the carbs. The carbs turn into sugar. In addition, some people trying to lose weight count cards. So I found this SCIENCE article by Ann Gibbons especially interesting:

Here’s another blow to the popular image of Neanderthals as brutish meat eaters: A new study of bacteria collected from Neanderthal teeth shows that our close cousins ate so many roots, nuts, or other starchy foods that they dramatically altered the type of bacteria in their mouths. The finding suggests our ancestors had adapted to eating lots of starch by at least 600,000 years ago—about the same time as they needed more sugars to fuel a big expansion of their brains.
The study is “groundbreaking,” says Harvard University evolutionary biologist Rachel Carmody, who was not part of the research. The work suggests the ancestors of both humans and Neanderthals were cooking lots of starchy foods at least 600,000 years ago. And they had already adapted to eating more starchy plants long before the invention of agriculture 10,000 years ago, she says.
The brains of our ancestors doubled in size between 2 million and 700,000 years ago. Researchers have long credited better stone tools and cooperative hunting: As early humans got better at killing animals and processing meat, they ate a higher quality diet, which gave them more energy more rapidly to fuel the growth of their hungrier brains.
Still, researchers have puzzled over how meat did the job. “For human ancestors to efficiently grow a bigger brain, they needed energy dense foods containing glucose”—a type of sugar—says molecular archaeologist Christina Warinner of Harvard and the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History. “Meat is not a good source of glucose.”

Again, very interesting to me. Now for a video.

 That's a NASA crew answering questions last week after they returned to the Earth.

"Iraq snapshot" (THE COMMON ILLS):

Tuesday, May 11, 2021.  More assassinations in Iraq.

We'll open with this from IAVA:

May 5, 2021
CONTACT: press@iava.org

Washington, DC  — On May 5, IAVA Government Affairs Director Travis Horr, a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran, testified before the House Veterans Affairs Committee (HVAC) in support of the organization’s top legislative priority for 2021, establishing VA disability and healthcare benefits for veterans suffering from military toxic exposures like burn pits.

“The War Fighters Act is incredibly important landmark legislation which will create a presumption of service-connection for illnesses of veterans that have deployed since 1990, such as respiratory diseases or cancers,” said Horr at the hearing. “The TEAM Act will ensure that all veterans are able to access high quality VA care for any toxic related issues and the Veterans Burn Pits Exposure Recognition Act would concede exposure for all veterans that have served in areas where burn pits were used.” Horr and others called for passage of all three measures without delay. The full testimony can be found here.

At the start of the hearing, HVAC Chairman Mark Takano (D-CA) said that although the VA says that they need more research, “it is absolutely clear that we need to act now,” and he said that addressing toxic exposures is a top priority that he wants to advance this year. Takano’s position echoes that voiced the previous week by Senate Veterans Committee Chairman Jon Tester (D-MT), who said he wants to see legislation this year. The VA was pressed for action and answers by Members from both parties who appeared to have grown impatient with the agency’s refusal to take positions on toxic exposure legislation being considered at both hearings.

Just days ago, IAVA joined with House and Senate sponsors of the Presumptive Benefits for War Fighters Exposed to Burn Pits and Other Toxins (Warfighters) Act, which will establish a presumptive service connection for VA disability benefits for those who are suffering toxic exposure injuries – a top legislative priority for IAVA. The Toxic Exposures in the American Military (TEAM) Act, which provides for VA health care for those exposed, is also a priority for IAVA this year.

IAVA is the voice for the post-9/11 veteran generation. With over 400,000 veterans and allies nationwide, IAVA is the leader in non-partisan veteran advocacy and public awareness. We drive historic impacts for veterans and IAVA’s programs are second to none. Any veteran or family member in need can reach out to IAVA’s Quick Reaction Force at quickreactionforce.org or 855-91RAPID (855-917-2743) to be connected promptly with a veteran care manager who will assist. IAVA’s The Vote Hub is a free tool to register to vote and find polling information. IAVA’s membership is always growing. Join the movement at iava.org/membership.


Sunday in Iraq (still Saturday in the US), activist Ihab Jawad al-Wazni was assassinated in front of his home in Karbala.  

This is a major story . . . unless you're counting on the US media or the US 'spokespeople' on Twitter, etc.  The rise of ISIS was not a surprise.  We predicated it was coming.  Not because of any crystal ball but because of paying attention and understanding rebellion, resistance and revolution.  ISIS was always going to arise and, under Nouri al-Maliki, it was going to flourish.  

Yet again, the US media and the people who made a name for themselves decrying the Iraq War aren't paying attention and aren't understanding the pressure cooker atmosphere right now.

ALJAZEERA's Simona Foltyn has covered the story.

Replying to

Here's the video if it doesn't show in the Tweet above.

Where is CodeStink?  Where are any of the people who stole your money by claiming to care about the Iraq War. Amy Goodman's a whore and that's now well known.  She took millions from PACIFICA when they couldn't afford it.  The scheme was overseen by her friend Leslie Cagen.  But think about all the attention from the media she got pretending to care about the Iraq War -- shed' go on Charlie Rose and other programs.  Think of all the money she begged for to cotninue the coverage of Iraq.  And yet she offered nothing. ; 

Nor did her guests.  In a previous pressure cooker moment, she brought on Raad Jarrar and he didn't know what the hell he was talking about and reality immediately slapped them in their faces.  Time and again, they ignore what's going on and then rush to play catch up when the corporate media covers it.

The corporate media hasn't covered the assassination -- not THE NEW YORK TIMES, not THE WASHINGTON POST, no one.

And Ihab's death is part of a wave of assassinations taking place in Iraq.

Sara J notes:

Assassinations in #IraqAfter2003 haven’t ceased. Today, Ahmed Hassan (an Iraqi journalist) in #Diwaniya & yesterday, Barak Hassan Al-Roumi (an #IraqiActivist) in Wasit have been assassinated. Yet, #US & EU would like the jig of elections to go on!


The assassination of the activist Barak Hassan Al-Roumi in Wasit was-iraq.org Was

Again, what does it take for this wave of assassinations to get attention?

We'll note this thread from Amnesty Iraq:


Yet again, the headed by PM fails to protect protesters and activists.To this day we are yet to see any justice for the victims and their families; perpetrators must be held accountable as the elections near. When will the bloodshed end?

EhabWazni is one of tens of activists and protesters killed in cold blood in the context of the #OctoberProtests of 2019, as protesters take to the streets once again in #Karbala, #Misan, and #Diwaniyah demanding #accountability

As Iraq prepares for elections, the silencing of protesters demanding #accountability continues with the killing of #EhabWazni, the attempt on journalist Ahmad Hassan’s life, and use of force against protesters. #IraqProtests #Iraq

Now to deal with an issue that three e-mailed the public account (common_ills@yahoo.com) about.  Yesterday's snapshot I railed against people who just wasted your time and didn't deal with real issues.

The essence of the three e-mails: B-b-b-but you wrote about a sitcom!

"TV: Another bone headed move from AB" is written by Ava and myself.  We cover TV at THIRD.  Here I am covering Iraq every day.  There?  People are shocked right now, shocked that Bill Gates didn't give away all that money like he promised, they're shocked that is actions resulted in a tax break, they're shocked . . .


We covered that ridiculous 60 MINUTES 'report' by Charlie Rose that was blowing smoke up Bill's ass and we noted that this was nothing but a tax write off.  That was in real time.  Do you realize how long it's been since Charlie Rose's predatory behavior kicked him off television?

I can go into this at length if necessary but we've done hard hitting TV pieces.  We're planning on doing gay porn, by the way, on Sunday.  Ty, Ava and I were talking last week trying to pull together an edition and we came up with a theme and Dona said hold it so we can have it up for a full week.

There are a million things I could go on about but I'll leave it for that unless there are more e-mails.

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