Sunday, January 10, 2010

Chop-chop, House Slaves

If the Green Party had any guts, I'd be announcing I'm a Green today.

I'm not real thrilled with the press as I flip through articles for a way to start this post. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, the articles tell us, has been 'forgiven' by Barack Obama. Who gives a damn?

Barack Obama was not the target of the insult in Reid's remarks.

The point of Reid's remarks was that America could accept "light skinned" Barack in a way that they wouldn't someone else. I'd say, "The way that they wouldn't accept a real Black politician." (I'm no bi-racial. Unlike Barack, I can't pass nor can my children.) If that were the only comment, I'd be rolling my eyes.

I really don't care if the two boyfriends Harry and Barry have a lover's spat.

I have other things to focus on.

But that's not where it ended. Harry Reid went on to praise Barry as a "light skinned" person who has "no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one."

That's offensive and that's aimed at Blacks, it's not aimed at Airy-fairy Barry, it's aimed at me, it's aimed my children, it's aimed at my family, it's aimed at my church and I take it very personally.

I will give Colbert King some credit for this Washington Post post. At least he's aware that the use of "Negro" is offensive. But he goes on to talk about slave dialects and really doesn't get it. That's not what Harry Reid was talking about.

Harry Reid doesn't think Black America speaks like slaves did in the 18th century.

Harry Reid was insulting the way (stereotypical way?) he believes some Blacks speak today. And, on top of that, he was using "Negro." A White man in 2008 was using the term "Negro" to refer my people?

Damn right I'm offended. He used "Negro" when happy about Barry's run. What N-word do you think Harry's using when he's unhappy?

That's the whole point and people should wake the hell up.

The New York Times goes to one of their approved, 'educated' Blacks. House Slave.

“They are not in the least bit comparable,” said Lani Guinier, the Harvard Law School professor whose nomination as assistant attorney general for civil rights in 1993 was pummeled by conservative groups and eventually withdrawn by President Bill Clinton.

Mr. Lott’s remarks, Ms. Guinier said, seemed to be expressing nostalgia for the segregationist platform of Mr. Thurmond’s 1948 presidential campaign, while Mr. Reid comments seemed to be addressing “an unfortunate truth about the present.” That truth, she said, is that Mr. Obama would have had a more difficult time getting elected if his skin were darker and if he spoke in a dialect more identifiable as “black.”

Dance for your master, Lani, like the good House Slave you are. Though Lani grasps my point that Reid was praising Barack for not speaking "Black," she goes on to insist that it's about Barack. No, you stupid, Northern Asshole, it is not. Go to your Marxist rally while praying some day the Democrats will embrace you and shut the f**k up, Lani. I can't afford you, my children can't afford you.

The leader of the US Senate just insulted my people and I'm not going to kiss his ass. I'm not going to sleep with the White master, but Lani, like the good whore you are, you dive in, baby.

USA Today insists:

Democratic Party Chairman Tim Kaine cited Obama's acceptance of Reid apology in downplaying the incident on Fox News Sunday. "If you look at those comments, they clearly were in the context of praising Sen. Obama," Kaine said, predicting that Reid would stay on as Senate majority leader. "I don't think this is an issue that's going to affect his leadership at all."

They don't get it. First off, White boy, Tim Kaine, shut the hell up. "They clearly were in the context of praising Sen. Obama". No surprise s**t for brains Kaine doesn't get it.

Yes, Tim-bo, he was praising Obama. He was doing that by saying Barry wasn't like Blacks. He was lifting Barry up by putting my people down. F**K YOU, Tim Kaine. Is that clear enough for you or do I need to rip the White sheet off your head first so you can hear better?

Politico offers some more House Slaves willing to dance for Massah

First off, Al Sharpton's nothing but an ambulance chaser and Eleanor would f**k us all over for DC statehood.


I'm not Republican and, despite the media trying to make this into Dems versus Republicans, that's not what it's about.

What it's about is that the leader of the US Senate, at this late date, is not only trashing Black Americans (to build up the bi-racial man he approves of) but he's referring to us as "Negroes."
That's disgusting.

And that's why the media never gets it. They don't give a damn about Black people. Their only concern is the powerful. Watch all the crappy so-called 'independent' media rush back to work tomorrow insisting that it's no big deal.

It is a big deal. It's a huge deal. I see Isaiah's used it for his comic and I say "Thank you." He almost worked with us on the piece we're doing for Third but there was a problem with the comic he'd sent for El Spirito and he had to take care of that. I knew what he had planned for TCI -- Janet and Barack. Thank you, Isaiah, for putting it on hold to put the spotlight on Harry. If we don't stand up for ourselves, no one will. That becomes ever more clear each day.

If you haven't checked out Third yet, please do. There's a ton of great stuff:

The Harry Reid issue is addressed in the roundtable and the article with Harry in the title which I am now reposting in full.

No, Harry, we don't forgive you

"Majority Leader Reid apologizes to Obama for 2008 remarks" trumpets The Washington Post, "Reid apologizes for racial comments about Obama in 2008" insists McClatchy's Kansas City Star and it goes on and on.

But does anyone really get who was insulted? First clue: It really wasn't Barack.

Harry Reid
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid accused Barack Obama, a bi-racial man, of being 'White enough' to pull in voters. The insult wasn't too Barack.

Who was Reid insulting when stating, for example, that Barack was someone "with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one."

He's insulting African-Americans.

The mixed have always had a better chance of passing. Harry Reid's comments basically congratulate Barack on being a step closer to White than high yellow. Barack's being congratulated.

It's African-Americans, it's Black people who are being insulted.

And, excuse the hell out of us, but who tosses around the word "Negro" in 2008? Maybe if the MSM had more Black reporters, this rush to gloss over what was said would stop? Maybe if they had more Black reporters, we'd have a press that pointed out a White man in a 'happy mood' using "Negro" in 2008 probably uses another N-word when he's not so happy.

No, Harry Reid, your apology is not accepted. And Barack Obama, you do not speak for us.

-- The Third Estate Sunday Review's Ty, Betty of Thomas Friedman Is a Great Man, Cedric of Cedric's Big Mix, Marcia of SICKOFITRDLZ, Stan of Oh Boy It Never Ends and Ann of Ann's Mega Dub.